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Sorry to disappoint. At the moment, there is no "team"... just me.

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Just curious about who I am? That's a good question: "who am I?" - something you should probably ask yourself. If you don't know, I can help...

A brief biography of me can be found below.

Biography: Zain Bador


First computer: BBC Micro 32k (calculators have  more memory these days). Discovered programmming (i.e. copied it out of the book, failed to run, then spent hours looking for a missing character). Good times. Remember "Elite", "The Valley" and "Frak"? No? I do... 45 minutes waiting for a game to load, listening to the tape machine. Yes, we had games on cassettes...

1993-1994 (ish) - achieved a distinction in Audio Engineering at the School of Audio Engineering, Malaysia. Proper mixing desks and editing with tape. Digital... pah, too easy working with waveforms - use your ears and listen!

Online since the end of 1994 using a 9600 modem and waiting half an hour for a 100k file to download. You kids don't know how good you got it these days.

Several years part-time Copy Editor and Data  Inputter for Screen International "bumpers" (AFM - American Film Market and Cannes Film Festivals). I miss reading those dodgy, straight-to-video synopses from Troma.

Created my first website while at Anglia Polytechnic University around 1996  (now Anglia Ruskin University... what a "poly" wasn't good enough for you guys? Sheesh!), using a book called "10 minute HTML" or something. Cool. Very cool. Lots of centered text, blink tags, animated gifs and Netscape Navigator - what more do you need?

June 1997 - my beautiful baby girl was born. Hospital experience: dressed like George Clooney in ER and feeling like I'd just met the end of level monster...

Dropped Audio Engineering and Computers at Uni, in favour of various modules like Video, Communication Studies, Media and Hypertext Design. Wrote 2000 word essay on why I wanted to create my own course. Valuable experience: "where there's a will, there's a way!". Very tempted to call my own degree "Studies in Hypertext and Information Technology" (although am pretty sure they would've spotted the acronym. Nuts).

End 1999. Failed disertation for my own degree. Was okay - already managed to get a full-time job with EMAP Online as a junior Web Developer. HAH. Yes, my self-taught HTML skills and portfolio was good enough to not need a degree...

Christmas 2001 (?). EMAP Online changes to EMAP Digital. Made redundant. Actually a good thing - Freeserve were hiring and was soon on-board as a "Client-Side" Web Development Team Leader. Woohoo! Also managed to wrangle a 1/3rd more pay than at EMAP. Good move? Great move...!

Between 2002-2006 Le Freeswerve (they're actually owned by France Telecom) changes to Wanadoo and then later changes to Orange. Yes. Orange... the mobile company... they're French owned. Veteran of 2 major rebranding projects. Change career from Web Development to Project Management. Yawn. Much walking round with bits of paper pretending to be working. Lots of speedy project deliveries - I know how the Dev boys work (don't give me "it'll take 5 days... Yeah, RIGHT!").

2005. Get sent on NLP Practioner training.
My Boss: "Zain, why do you want to go on NLP training?".
Me: "I need to improve my communication skills".
My Boss: "I'm not sure you need it. HR won't go for it...".
Me: "If I can't convince you that I need NLP training, it means I'm not communicating effectively".
Sent on training. Natch.

2006. Fed up with commuting and never seeing my kids. Decide to go freelance. Orange won't let me leave as I'm excellent at what I do. Find a loophole during 2nd rebranding and negotiate a redundancy package. Fight for 8 months before they finally let me go.

Oct 2006. The day after I leave Orange- NLP Master Practitioner training. Money well spent. 14 days transformational training. Discover that I'm pretty good at playing with words. Love this.

Nov 2006. Discover StomperNet and a whole new world: Internet Marketing.

April 2007.  Wife leaves. Nuts. Major depression kicks in. Hold it together for the sake of the kids. Rebuild a new relationship with the "ex".

2007-May 2009. Freelancing. Being a single Dad. Freelancing. Being a single Dad. Ad nauseam. Lots of ups and downs.

May 2009 to Present. Manifest a wonderful person into my life. Everything changes. Things are cool. I'm over my ex. Christmas is wonderful. Really discover the "riches" in life...

Jan 2010. Start building the "Think & Act Rich" website.

Where to now? Who knows...

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