The Power Of Focus

Written by: Nderim
Date: March 8th, 2010

This is the original email I sent out to my mailing list on Friday 5th March 2010. It's a really long post explaining why I built the Think & Act Rich website & the intention of this site.

I'm surprised anyone actually read it... Saying that, I did get an email from one user saying he didn't bother. I think I may podcast in future - crafting these emails takes quite a lot of work and I'm still not sure I communicated everything I wanted to!

On the upside, just to let you know that Napoleon Hill was right. As I publish this, I've already received donations from very generous people who believe in the aims of this site. I've also had a few people email me with opportunities. It just goes to show you that the Power of Will - self-discipline, focus and a determination to succeed - creates opportunities in life! It's not easy althought, thankfully, I'll be showing you that in time... ;)

Anyway, have a read, enjoy and leave a comment! (Note: You have to be signed in as a member to comment - I'm filtering spam!).

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I am in training to become a Highly Successful Logistics Freight Broker. I Will Build a Rock Solid Logistics Brokerage Firm with an Emphasis of Fairness and Compassion given to the Owner/Operator Truck Drivers under our Work Load. As a Driver Myself, I know First Hand how Important the Driver is to the Team. The Driver DESERVES Top Notch Pay for the Work they Perform, and that is What They Will Receive from My Firm, I Demand Nothing Less, Period. I Will Build an Incredible Team of Agents to Assemble, a Shipper Client Base so Satisfied with our Teams Performance, and the Service Received, They Will Be Eagerly Seeking Our Team to Move Their Freight. Together as a Team We Will Build a Client Base like no other.

vincit qui se vincit

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