Hi {!firstname_fix}, and welcome to the new look newsletter! I hope you've had a really nice Easter break.

It's been just over 2 weeks since I last emailed about "completion". In that time, did YOU manage to "complete" anything, {!firstname_fix}? Maybe a little? Maybe a lot. I hope you took the time to start clearing the mental junk and preparing to sow new seeds for the future. If you missed the email, you can read "The Power Of Completion" here.

Personally, I've been *really* busy. So busy that I've not had a chance to even write a long-winded email this time! Don't worry, for those of you who love my *extremely* long emails, I'll now be doing these as blog posts that you can visit on the new website instead.

Right now, I'm changing the format of these emails to be more "direct" and "to the point" with updates about some of the exciting stuff that I'm now working on for you...

In this issue, I'll be telling you about:

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New Website: We Are Moving!

A reminder - if you signed up at "Think-and-Grow-Rich-eBook.com", then just to let you know: "We Are Moving!".

All of the "action" is now going to take place over at the new "Think & Act Rich" website.

As you'll see, {!firstname_fix}, the new site has a "definiteness of purpose".

As a project, I'm adding to this new website all the time. More so than the old site. I think it's much better than the old version.

Check it out and have a look for yourself. Here's what you're currently missing out on, if you haven't seen it...

So far, the new site has:

What's The catch?
The only catch is that you have to sign-up as a member on this new site. It's completely free - you'll just need to register and, if you want to keep receiving these emails, then (optionally) confirm the email for the newsletters (you'll automagically be moved over to the new mailing list).

If It's Free, Then Why Sign-Up As A Member?
"Taking action", I believe, is an extremely powerful force and the first step on your road to success. Without "taking action", your thoughts and merely "thinking", achieve nothing. It's the difference between "wishful thinking" and "manifesting" - you *need* to ACT in order to succeed.

Signing-up now, means that you are making a mental commitment to "act" and start taking action. The new site is for people who *really* want to achieve success and take the necessary action to become a success. Quite simply: "I don't have time devote to people who like to fail".

Click Here to Register Now

New Online Store & MP3s

As you may know, I've been working with professional voice-over artist, John Michaels on a new narrated version of "Think & Grow Rich".

Members can now listen to "Think & Grow Rich" narrated by John Michaels on the site, right NOW!

You can now buy the new version of "Think & Grow Rich"at our new Online Store!

Special 30% Members Discount
Yes. I am trying to get you to become a member of the new website... so I'm currently offering a 30% discount on the new downloadable version of "Think & Grow Rich" narrated by John Michaels at our new online store.

Note: This special discount offer expires next Sunday 18th April.

All you need to do is to become a site member and you'll see the discount on the Think & Grow Rich MP3 details page.

Remember: If you want to preview a slightly lower quality version of these MP3s, you can sign-up on the new site and listen to them in the Members area.

That's right, you can listen to 10 hours of "Think & Grow Rich" online (even before you decide to buy the high quality version!)

Send Me Your Feedback

{!firstname_fix}, you know that I always look to make things better - including your newsletter experience.

Please help me by clicking on a link below to let know what you thought of this email!

Get YOUR Favourite Quote Recorded To MP3

I've been discussing a new MP3 project with John.

{!firstname_fix}, Would you like to have your favourite Inspirational Quote, recorded by John Michaels?

Send me your suggestion and if we use it, you'll be sent a link to download your FREE MP3 - just as a way of saying "Thanks" for your help!

For more info, click here to find out how to get your Inspirational Quote MP3!

Need Virtual CD Covers?

Do you need "virtual" CD, DVD or eBook cover (just like the CD cover image in this email) to give your site a more professional look and feel?

Get in touch with me on my Contact page!

Coming Soon...!

Look out for more blog posts soon on the new website.

If you'd like me to cover a specific issue, please email me!

More Online Training

Look out for more info about online training in forthcoming emails and on the new site soon!

Well, that's about it from me for now. Remember to check the new site for blog posts (i.e. my long-winded rambles!) as that's where they'll be from now on!

It's tricky putting these newsletter things together but I think I'm getting the hang of it now. With your feedback, {!firstname_fix}, I'll be able to get these to a nice format.

Let me know if you like the new format by clicking once on the links on the side of this email (That will really help me out!)


Chief Editor, Think & Act Rich
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