Earn $97 Recommending DreamHost

Now that you've managed to set up your own WordPress website, lets get you earning some money - just by recommending DreamHost!

A lot of people I know don't realise that they can earn $97 just from recommending DreamHost. Again - even people who do know, don't take action.

Enough chat. Let's get you focused on making money!

Here's how you add a "DreamHost Rewards" link to your WordPress site:

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Step 1

On the DreamHost "Welcome" page, use the link on the left navigation and click on the "Rewards" link.

Step 2

Select and highlight your special Rewards link and copy it (either by using a right mouse click or pressing CTRL+C).

Step 3

In your WordPress Post or Page, add some text that you'd like to make into a link. For example: "Click here to sign-up to DreamHost" (or whatever you'd like).

Step 4

1) Select and highlight the text you just added. 2) Note how the "link" icons turn from being disabled to active.

Step 5

Click on the first link icon (Insert/Edit link) to make the Link popup window appear.

Step 6

1) Paste the special Rewards link you copied from DreamHost into the "Link URL" field. Check it to make sure there are no spaces and that the numbers are correct (otherwise you won't get paid!).

2) Click on the "Insert" button at the bottom of the popup window.

Step 7

Your text should now be a link. This is shown by it having an underline (and maybe blue or purple text).

Step 8

You can now click on "Save Draft" (if you want to publish later), "Preview" (to see and test your new link in action) or click on the big blue "Publish" button (if you're ready to publish).

Step 9

Take a moment to congratulate yourself on a job well done. You now have "opportunities" to make $97 every time someone buys a new DreamHost account using your special link.

Step 10

Go out and start driving people to your page(s) with your special links.

Other things you can do with your DreamHost Rewards link:

  • add them in your emails (either in the content or as part of your signature)
  • if you're an active member in a Forum, you can use these links (please check your Forum guidelines on affiliate links FIRST!).
  • note: in both instances, please be considerate and avoid becoming a spammer!

Remember: How successful you are at making $97 with DreamHost will really depend on how much action you take to send people to your site and clicking on your links. You will still need to encourage people and get them to purchase an account. Personally, I tell people that:

  1. I'm using them and how much I like them
  2. They'll be helping me out if they use my DreamHost rewards link.
    ...and if you're really nice, you could also tell them how:
  3. they could make $97 with DreamHost! (easiest way - send them to this page!).

Now go and TAKE ACTION!

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