Installing WordPress

Okay... now you've added a domain and set up your email addresses, it's time for the seriously heavy duty section. Yes... we're heading into the realm of setting up a mySQL database for WordPress, tweaking PHP and configuring Unix Apache servers!

Just kidding. It's really easy...

With DreamHost, installing a WordPress website is *very* simple.

Note: Since creating this video, DreamHost has actually made installing WordPress even simpler! All you really need to do is:

Step 1

Click on the "One Click Installs" link on the DreamHost control panel navigation.

Step 2

Click on the "Install New Website Software - Advanced Mode" link.

Step 3 (Optional)

Ensure that the WordPress radio button is selected.

Step 4 (Optional)

Select the domain name you want to install WordPress to (if it isn't already). Note: You can also install into a directory if you like - just add the name of it in the field at the end and the directory will be created during the installation.

Step 5

Click on the "Install it for me now" button.

Step 6

You're done! Take a few minutes to congratulate yourself as you wait for your new site to become visible!

As the guys at DreamHost say "Fantastico Shmantastico" (a little poke at the Fantastico scripts used by other hosting companies using the generic "CPanel" configuration). Yes... these guys do "go the extra mile"!

Note: I'll be updating this video to be even shorter soon!

Video Duration: 2:39

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