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The audio files in this section will deal with helping you to understand how your Mind works as well as it's relationship with your Body. Understanding the Mind/Body connection is an important part in establishing the link between what you think and how you act. Ultimately, the aim of this section is to enable you to become responsible for your thoughts and actions.

Firstly, You will need to Accept that your Reality is a Construction of Your Mind. The audio training in this section will guide you and discuss how your mind constructs these realities.

After that, you'll need to Question Your Beliefs and re-assess all that you have presumed to be "real".

You will then need begin to Destroy Your Reality. Quite simply, all of the things that you used to "think" which you took for granted will start to reveal themselves as either True or False, when you begin to challenge your preconceptions. Until now, you are probably using pre-defined patterns of bevahiour, based on your current beliefs, that are holding you back. The question is: "why do you still hold on to them if they no longer benefit you?"

Later in this section, we'll go on and discuss how to Reconstruct A Better Reality of your own design and choosing. If you have the power to Destroy, then you also have the power to Create. What better than to create a new system of belief and behaviour that YOU have chosen. You will be taking control over your own Mind, Body and, in turn, your own destiny.

From clearing out the old, false, beliefs and patterns that currently hold you back to creating a new system of beliefs and behaviours, you will learn how it is possible to have real integrity.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then let us begin...

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In This Section:

vincit qui se vincit

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