The Anatomy Of A Problem

The Anatomy Of A Problem! {Click to play}

We all have problems in life and problems come in various shapes and sizes but when was the last time you stopped to think about “what” a problem really is?

It's not really something most people think about and it's okay if you've never considered this.

What I'm about to explain to you is the structure of “problems” and give you an understanding of how problems exist inside your mind.

When you understand “what” a problem is, it makes it easier to start letting them go of your problems and you'll find it very easy to deal with any issue in life. You feel it becomes easier to deal with any issues, be they emotional ones, in your relationships, in life in general, or even business problems.

I want you to imagine being in the dark, looking through your own eyes.
It's so dark, you can't see anything.
You can't even see yourself... but you can feel things.
In this place, you may even feel trapped, lonely, frustrated, angry and confused.
There doesn't seem to be any way out.
...and when you find a wall and start pushing, you find that it doesn't seem to matter how much you push, the walls seem to snap back into place.

When you have a problem, you are in the middle of your Problem, which is why it doesn't seem like there's much hope or any solutions.

Allow me to enlighten you about where you are... and give you hope. By understanding the structure of a problem you will have hope.

What you have to imagine is your problem is very much like a balloon.
It has a boundary or wall which is flexible. That's why when you start pushing, you don't seem to get very far.

Now, let me give you some hope. I want you to now imagine floating past the walls of this dark, problem “balloon”. Outside is a lot of light.

Everything that exists outside of this problem balloon are the solutions.
Anything that isn't the problem is a possible solution to your problem.

In order for you to destroy any problem, what you have to do is to introduce a solution INTO the problem. If you get the right solution to a problem, then it's like taking a pin and pricking the balloon.
A bit like matter and anti-matter - a problem and a solution cannot exist in the same space.

Think about a time when you were young and you had a problem maybe tying your shoelaces. What happened as soon as you found out how to tie your shoelaces? Did you have a problem? Where did it go? It disappeared, right?

In the next training, I'll explain to you exactly how you introduce solutions into your problem and so, you can let them go.

I hope that now you understand this concept of the “problem balloon” it gives you some hope that there are solutions to your problems. Because you were inside your problem, it may have felt like your problem was huge. But now you've managed to see thing from a different perspective, you should now feel that there is some hope in terms of dealing with any problem in life.

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