The Anatomy Of A Solution

The Anatomy Of A Solution {Click to play}

Now that you've discovered what a problem is and understand that it has a shape and boundaries, let us now look at the anatomy of a solution.

In contrast, Solutions don't really have a shape. Where the Problem is a bit like the “problem balloon” I spoke about earlier, Solutions are essentially anything that the Problem isn't. So, it's really anything outside of your problem that you can apply to remove the obstacle. There are many solutions to a problem – the main difficulty is finding the most appropriate solution to your problem.

The question becomes “what is the most appropriate solution” and “what *is* the solution”?

Well, if you remember, I gave you the example of learning to tie shoelaces.

Quite simply, all problems and solutions follow the same process.

The solution that will enable you to let go of your problem will be the one that provides you with the greatest “learning”. Usually, there's 1 learning that can completely destroy the problem that you face. What learning is, will be dependent on the context of the problem and also how the problem is constructed. I be discussing how these problem boundaries or walls are constructed in a later training.

Here's a simplified example that demonstrates this process in action.

Have you ever had a time when you could remember a film but not the name of the actor who stared in it? This is a very simple problem. So, you go online and do a Google search or maybe even use and you find out the name of the actor. The moment you discover the name – or rather you learn (or even re-learn the name), you find that the problem (the mental stress) disappears.

In the same way, if you've ever experienced trials in your life or a hardship or some event that caused you mental anguish, you usually tell if you've really overcome that problem when you find yourself saying: “I learnt a lot from that experience”.

Now, if you've been following me so far, you may be wondering why we need the learnings. I will be explaining a lot more of this later on, but quite simply things like emotional problems are your unconscious mind's way of telling you that there is something that needs to be resolved. There is something unbalanced in your mental system and needs to be addressed. For example, fear is an unconscious reaction that is meant to protect your physical being. However, a true, positive and powerful learning can override the fear if it provides more gain than fear does.

So, you now understand what a powerful solution consists of. It is simply a learning that, when applied to your problem, will enable you to let go of your problem and instead it will become “experience” which is a useful tool that both your conscious and unconscious mind can use to protect you in the future.

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