The Reality Illusion

The Reality Illusion {Click to play}

Before I discuss the "boundaries" of your problems – the actual building blocks of what they are - it's important to consider the nature of Learning.

What is a Learning or a Wisdom? How can you get those learnings to blow out your problems?

A Learning is an experience that provides you with a greater insight about the reality of your world. It is a tool that both your conscious and unconscious mind can use to direct your choices and actions. A learning is always positive.

The important point to note isthat it is an insight about the reality of Your world.

Even before you begin to understand "Learnings", we need to take a step back and consider the framework of reality. This will provide the context of your world and what you will need to do and how you move forward and let go of those problems.

Quite simply, Your reality - the one you are currently living in - the ideas, concepts and beliefs systems that you hold are different to everyone else.

We're under an illusion that our everyone has the same reality.

Here's a very simple experiment. You get together a group of people and ask them to watch the next event very carefully. You get a man dressed in a gorilla suit to dance through the crowd. Afterwards, you ask the people in the group what they saw. You may be surprised by what they reply with. while the "experience" was the same, some people will perceive different things to others. Someone might be able to tell you the eye colour of the guy in the gorilla suit. Other's may have noticed if he was wearing shoes or not. Where they were standing would even affect the colour that they might have thought they saw.

As you can see, the same event leads to different perceptions about what was actually seen.

The event in the mind of each participant has been filtered, distorted, in some cases even enhanced and deleted.

So really, when it comes to how You perceive the world, the first thing that you must accept is that the reality that you believe, you have, is nothing more than a Construct that You have created.

Reality is a construction of your mind.

But when was the last time you really took time to stop and check Your reality?

What are they things that You believe? What are the things you believe you can and can't do? What are the rules and systems that you have inside your mind? Are they really your own mental constructions? Or has everything that you've accepted, until now, simply been the construction of someone else?

Consider it. Really. Consider it.

There are so many external factors that shape our internal reality. The your parents, siblings, teachers and schools, governments, media, and the culture that you live in... All of these things have shaped your inner reality. What ownership do You actually have over the belief systems that you hold?

For a lot of people, you may now realise that the reality constructs that you have, are NOT yours.

So really, is it any wonder that you life isn't working right now? Did you take any responsibility over what you really think? Have you really taken the time to be responsible for the nature of your reality?

Up 'til now, you may have been living someone else's belief system rather than your own.

Could this be why you're not succeeding in life?

What would happen if you started to construct your own reality?

As an exercise, what I'd like you to do, is to really consider everything that you've known to be true and just ask yourself: "Is this really true?" and then consider - is this belief positive in my life? Does it benefit you? If it does, then keep it - it's useful. If it doesn't then, allow yourself to start letting go of these false belief systems in your life. Let go of the negativity in your life.

In the next section, I'll guide you through the illusions and provide you with ways in which you start moving forward and begin to re-construct your new reality.

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