04 - Applied Faith

You already possess this.
Applied Faith is the mental attitude wherein you can clear your mind of all fears and doubts and direct it to the attainment of what you desire in life.

Reminder of the 6 Forms of Riches

  1. Sound health
  2. Peace of mind
  3. Labour of Love of your own choice
  4. Freedom from fear and worry
  5. Positive Mental Attitude
  6. Material riches of your own choice and quantity

Faith can be used in negative or positive ways.

You get what you focus on.

1 Difference between successful person and a failure:
The trait of Successful is their capacity for belief.

Donut principle:
People who fail only see the hole in the donut.
Successful people see the whole and the hole.

You are born with complete control over your own mind.

  1. Know what you want and believe that you can and will get it.
  2. Give expressions of Gratitude - possession starts in the mind.
    Be grateful for what you are about to receive.
  3. Keep your mind from hunches from within. Don't wait. Move on your own initiative. No application applied faith without Action.
  4. When overtaken by defeat, you are tested many times before you are crowned with victory.
  5. A burning desire. Be definite. Believe and Act.
  6. When doubt creeps in remember: "What a man believeth, he also reaps".

Faith is guidance.

Believe and you shall receive.

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vincit qui se vincit

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