05 - A Pleasing Personality

  1. Mental attitude must be positive.
  2. Flexibility of behaviour.
  3. Control and direct your enthusiasm.
  4. Sincerity of purpose. Can't be faked.

Negative habits that destroy your pleasing personality.

  1. Breaking in and running away with conversation.
  2. Sarcasm.
  3. Vanity.
  4. Indifference in listening. Be a good listening rather than a good talker.
  5. Intent to flatter where flatter is not deserved.
  6. Habit of finding fault of people or world at large.
  7. Openly and directly challenging people.
  8. Unsolicited advice.
  9. Habits of speaking of physical ailments and personal worries.
  10. Conveying an impression of superiority.
  11. Envy of those who are successful. Generous, sympathetic and joyous of the good fortune of others.
  12. Slovenliness.

Detect and correct. There's no reason for one person to dislike another without a cause.

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