08 - Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is like the steam in the boiler which starts the machine.

"Knowledge is power."?
"Knowledge becomes power only when it it put into action for the attainment of a definite objective."

Thought vibrations like broadcasting.

Enthusiasm is contagious. An extended hand acknowledged with enthusiasm.

  1. be enthusiastic
  2. firm handshake with a slight squeeze
  3. begin the conversation with a subject that the other person is interested in.
  4. follow through by asking questions.

Sell others to yourself first.

Enthusiasm is an expression of Positive Mental Attitude.

Stomach ulcers are because of worries.

Prayer expressed with intense enthusiasm.

Read aloud with enthusiasm for 10 minutes a day.

Practice enthusiasm with friends, family and business.

Write down a list of things you like to practice enthusiasm.

The motive of love is one way of being enthusiastic.

Where there is no motive, there is apt to be no enthusiasm.

3 Basic Motives that rule the world:

  1. Emotion of Love
  2. Emotion of Sex
  3. Desire for Financial Gain
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