09 - Personal Initiative [16 traits]

"There are 2 kinds of men who never amount to much: those who will not do what they are told and those who can do nothing else." Cyrus H. Curtis

"A winner never quits. A quitter never wins."

An outline of the more important attributes of a person with sufficient personal initiative to give him leadership in his
given profession in life:

  1. has a definite purpose in life and paln of it's attainment.
  2. mastermind alliance with those who are essential in it's purpose.
  3. persistence and a will to win to keep going.
  4. decisions are made promptly when there are necessary facts (changes them slowly, if at all).
  5. habit of doing more than he's paid for and it's done with a pleasing mental attitude.
  6. takes full responsibility even when things go wrong
  7. takes friendly criticism and learns to profit by them
  8. knows the 9 basic motives for inspiring people and never asks someone to do something unless he has adequately motivated them.
  9. never expresses an opinion about anything unless it's well reasoned and thought through the subject.
  10. fathers the habit of listening and only saying when it's of benefit himself or others.
  11. well developed sense of observation of small details. Knows his job from the small details to the biggest.
  12. never suggest what should be done unless he has provided "why" it should be done and "how" it should be done best
  13. concentrating his habit on doing 1 thing at a time
  14. communications are always positive at all times.
  15. if you ask him a question, he will give you a direct answer even if he tells you that he doesn't know.
  16. overcomes procrastination he "never put[s] off until tomorrow that which should be done last week".

No one will tell you what you should do. No-one will tell you what NOT to do.

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