02 - Mastermind Principles

You must use the Mastermind before you can use the Master Key.

Definition Of A Mastermind:

The Mastermind consists of 2 or more people who work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose.

  1. It is the principle through which you may borrow and use theĀ  education, influence and the capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life. It is the principle through which you can accomplish more in one year than you can accomplish in a lifetime, if you depended entirely on your own success.
  2. When you form a true Mastermind alliance with people and work with them in true harmony, you can draw freely upon the spiritual forces within you in carrying out your plan and desires.
  3. It can give you absolute protection in failure, provided that your purpose is beneficial to all that you influence.


  1. Decide definitely where you wish to be and what you wish to be doing.
  2. How much money you desire to be making and what you are going to do to earn it.
  3. Form a mastermind alliance with one person in your family and one person among those to whom you are selling your services.

There's no such thing as something for nothing. Everything, including your personal success, has a price that must be paid. The only price you have to pay is the effort to take the steps suggested.

Control your mental attitude and make yourself agreeable.

A negative mental attitude can bring you nothing but failure.

Your mental attitude is the one and only thing that you can control.

"Success" is the knowledge with which to get whatever you want from life without violating the rights of others and by helping others to acquire it.

"Your only real limitation is the one you set up and accept in your own mind".

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