03 - The Habit Of Going The Extra Mile

QQMA Formula

Quality of service + Quantity + Mental Attitude.

Benefits Of Going The Extra Mile:

  1. Favourable attention of people who can give you opportunity.
  2. Greater than average returns.
  3. Makes you indispensible.
  4. Excel in the line of work.
  5. Preference when others are laid off.
  6. Benefit by law of contrast.
  7. Improve your personality.
  8. Gives you a keen, alert, imagination.
  9. Inspires you to move through your own initiative (A habit which is the first step in leadership).
  10. Greater self reliance, without fear of criticism from others.
  11. Helps to master the destructive habit of procrastination.
  12. Inspires people to respect your integrity.
  13. Helps you to develop a definiteness of purpose (starting point)
  14. Provides you with the one and only excuse for asking for more pay.
  15. Maintain a mastermind alliance with others.

If you are not in a position or role where you are not allowed to go the extra mile, change positions and market your services where it pays for you to go the extra mile.

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