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Thanks for your interest in this site and your subscription to this Think & Act Rich mailing list.

At Think and Act Rich, I take your email privacy very seriously, so I use a CANSPAM compliant email auto-responder. This means that you will need to confirm your subscription before any email communication takes place.

What To Do Next

Please check your email inbox for the email asking you to confirm your subscription and just click on the link in the email. The link will open in a browser window and you will be taken to a Confirmation Success page.

No Email?

Sometimes, subscription emails may end up in your Junk/Spam folder. It really depends on the email program you use. Try looking in there for the subscription email first. Alternatively, just wait a few minutes as it might be delayed by traffic or something...

After subscribing, I would recommend you add the address of the first email you received to your Address Book / Whitelist.


Remember: If you feel that you want to unsubscribe from these newsletter, you can do this at any time. Just look for the link at the bottom of every email and it should give you a link that you can use to remove yourself. Again, this is part of CANSPAM compliance.

(Personally, I hate it when I can't get myself off mailing lists...)

Thanks again!


PS: If you are wondering about which email auto-responder system I use, it's Aweber. If you're interested in using them, then it would really help this site out if you use my affiliate link below:

Using these special links is one way to help keep this site free. When you purchase any product from a recommendation on this site, you'll be helping because the product owner will send me a commission just for recommending the product.

...and yes, I will be teaching how YOU do this on this site!

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