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As a valued Member of Think & Act Rich, you can buy this excellent version of Napoleon Hill's classic, narrated by John Michaels and receive a special 30% membership discount for a limited time only.

Remember: Your membership has benefits... just for being the type of person to take action!

Chapter 1: Introduction Sample {Click to play} Chapter 3: Faith Sample {Click to play}

This is a sample of the 44kHz 128kbit version.

Downloadable MP3 Information:

  • Narrated by professional voice-over artist, John Michaels.
  • 10 hours of easily to follow narration.
  • Over 500MB of high quality audio.
  • High quality audio: 128kbit MP3 format.
  • ID3v1 & ID3v2 tagged to appear nicely on your MP3 playlists.
  • Learn on the move and have Napoleon Hill in your pocket!
  • Let your unconscious mind absorb the principles of this classic book by listening and learning while you sleep.
  • Enhance your understanding by listening and reading at the same time.
  • This work is a demonstration of the Master Mind principle in action. Enjoy the fruits of our labour.
  • Your purchase also helps to keep the online version free for others and ensure training remains FREE on this website.
  • ...and best of all, did I mention I'll be giving 10% to charity?

30% Discount Coupon Code:

Use the following discount code:

[private_Master Mind]TAGRMember30[/private_Master Mind]

Note: Code can only be applied once to a cart. Please apply the discount coupon code after you've finished your selection and just before you're ready to make your payment.

Price: $14.95

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