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Written by: Nderim
Date: 16th March, 2010

Do you feel it's difficult to read Think & Grow Rich? Would you find it easier to learn by listening to it? Well, I'm currently collaborating on a project with a fantastic voice-over artist called John W Michaels to bring you a wonderful version of Think & Grow Rich that you will be able to listen to on this site... for FREE!

As regular readers to the Think & Grow Rich ebook mailing list already know, I tend to write *really* long emails (for example, my last post on The Power Of Focus). Well, having been inspired by John Michaels' wonderfully hypnotic, authoritative and powerful narration of Napoleon Hill's classic work, I thought I'd try and give podcasting a go instead. At the moment, these are actually taking me longer to produce than writing emails (I touch type!).

Podcast: Think & Grow Rich MP3s {Click to play}

[Audio Duration: 12:21]

In this first podcast (12 mins), I discuss how the new Think & Grow Rich MP3 ideas came about and how the power of the Mastermind principle is (again) behind it. Click on the link above to play. Click on the "download" link after playing if you would like to listen to this podcast on your MP3 player.

Listen to Napoleon Hill's "Think & Grow Rich: Authors Preface" narrated by John W Michaels

The following audio mp3 is a sample of the Think & Grow Rich: Author's Preface as narrated by John W Michaels. (Note: We're still recording these!)

Think & Grow Rich: Author’s Preface {Click to play}

[Audio Duration: 18:13]

As you listen, take note of the speed, rhythym, emphasis of important phrases and overall vocal quality of the recording. Compare versions... and ask "Which version sounds like it has authority and power?" (as you'd expect from this classic work). I'm sure you'll agree that John W Michaels has a very soothing yet compelling voice. I am extremely grateful for his offer to provide his service to help spread "Think & Grow Rich" to the world for FREE...

Send Me Your Feedback!

What do you think of my new podcasts? Are they better or worse than getting those really long emails? Are these too long? Do you have any questions or just want to comment on the new narration? Do you want to hire John Michaels? Let me know what you think - add a comment below (you need to be signed in, I'm filtering spam!).

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10 Comments on “Free Think & Grow Rich MP3s”

  1. Nick Baron says:

    Great post, thank you,
    I loved the book, though it isn’t until I read it 3 times and watched the videos about the book, that I FULLY comprehended its principles, and fully apply them, daily.
    Check to see for yourself!
    Napoleon Hill is an amazing man indeed

    Cheers, Nick Baron

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