Learning From Adversity

Written by: Nderim
Date: 9th April, 2010

I thought I was done.

I thought I was about to get ready to start relaxing. After all, it does feel good when you apply The Power Of Completion - clearing out the junk, freeing up your mental space to start sowing new seeds for new opportunities.

So, you can imagine how frustrating it feels when you think you've just "completed" a huge task and then, out of the blue, more issues spring up that you'd never expected!

Well, that's what happened last night.

I was just "putting to bed" a broadcast email newsletter that had already taken me several hours to prepare (in terms of content) and create a new layout for and then a few more hours testing it (to make sure the links worked!).

As I hit "send" to mail out the broadcast message, I thought "(*sigh*)... there's a job well done!". And then I went out for a quick cigarette to reward myself, feel the sense of satisfaction and acknowledge the excellent work just I'd done.

...little did I know that 15 minutes later, I'd be receiving emails saying "I can't read the text! It's Yellow on White".


Anyway, here's the content of the Newsletter broadcast message that I was trying to send to thousands of people:

Think & Act Rich Newsletter: 08 April 2010
[click here]

Hopefully, this works (and you can read it! Finally!).

Now, while I'm still getting emails from people still just opening up their emails and not being able to read the new Newsletter print, it could be possible for me to see this as a "failure" (or "having failed"). A lot of people feel discouraged when things "go wrong". It could be made worse when you consider the number of people the email is being sent to!

The problem here is simply because the focus of attention is on the negative. However, it is possible to "reframe" the situation and look at it in a different way. As Napoleon Hill puts it:

"Nothing can be called a failure until you accept it as such".

Quite simply, the way to overcome the frustration and feeling like a "failure" is to Learn From Adversity (watch the video in the Members section!).

For me, there is no email "issue" - this is nothing more than a "learning". A lesson from which to gain valuable experience.

Instead of seeing this as a problem to shy away from, I'm embracing it as it's taught me some fantastic lessons about potential issues that can crop up when creating email newsletters. As you know, I'll be teaching these things and passing on my knowledge... so what better than having some excellent examples of "What NOT to do and Why"? These issues can be used in future to create a better experience for others - it's all a case of seeing the opportunities in a "bad" experience.

So, here are a few tips if you're putting together an email newsletter and about to broadcast it.

  • Set yourself up a Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail account for testing.
  • Never release an email just before going to bed.
  • Never use a black background with light text!!!

Remember - even if things do "go wrong", you can still make use of the valuable lessons in the experience. That's what separate You from others who become paralysed with fear.

Be fearless simply by admitting that "you're always learning". You can tell people "I didn't know that... and I do NOW!". That's okay to do because when people realise you are keen to learn and constantly improve yourself, you become a person who can be relied upon to do a great job. That, in itself, will make you indispensable in your workplace.

I hope you've gained something from this blog post.

I think I'm now done.

(*sigh*... and relaaaxxxxx)

I am in training to become a Highly Successful Logistics Freight Broker. I Will Build a Rock Solid Logistics Brokerage Firm with an Emphasis of Fairness and Compassion given to the Owner/Operator Truck Drivers under our Work Load. As a Driver Myself, I know First Hand how Important the Driver is to the Team. The Driver DESERVES Top Notch Pay for the Work they Perform, and that is What They Will Receive from My Firm, I Demand Nothing Less, Period. I Will Build an Incredible Team of Agents to Assemble, a Shipper Client Base so Satisfied with our Teams Performance, and the Service Received, They Will Be Eagerly Seeking Our Team to Move Their Freight. Together as a Team We Will Build a Client Base like no other.


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