The Power Of Completion

Written by: Nderim
Date: 19th March, 2010

Originally posted to the and mailing lists, this email deals with the Power of Completion.

In this post, I'll be showing you why it's important to complete things and share with you my experience of something amazing that happened earlier this week.

Here's the email that I sent out:



Are you the type of person that finishes things? Really be honest with yourself...   It's okay if you're not. I'm going to confess something to you right now: "I'm not good at finishing things either". There - I've said it. The important thing is really to know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses - by doing so, you'll be able to act accordingly and move forward in a positive way!

Really, this is simply an exercise in self-awareness and in this email I'll be discussing the Power of Completion by:

  • telling you why it's important to "complete" things.
  • providing you with some benefits of completion.
  • giving you an example of a opportunities that have come out of something I've been in the process of finishing.
  • giving you an action for the weekend so you can start moving forward.

(Yes, George - I've taken your advice and am using bullet points for people who like to have a summary! I think this format might work better for everyone...).

Why Do YOU Leave Things Unfinished?

If you're the type of person who finds it hard to finish and complete things, have you ever stopped to think about why that might be? Is it because you get overwhelmed by the amount of things you need to do? Or is it because you lose interest? Or maybe you procrastinate?

The first step key thing is to "realise" when you're not completing things. This requires tremendous self-discipline. Whatever it is that's stopping you from completing things, there's probably a pattern of behaviour that is the same each time. You probably just haven't noticed it, so it's a good idea to stop and make a list of all the things that you've not finished off. Yes, it might be a very long list - but it's okay.

Also, take note of how you stop yourself from finishing things - this will vary from person to person. You may well notice that you have a particular trigger point in your pattern of behaviour that stops you from moving forward.

Realise that you're taking steps to improve yourself when you do this... so you can feel good as soon as you've made your list! It is when you realise your own pattern of behaviour that will help you to adjust and improve. Just be sure that you finish your list! :P

Why Is It Important To Complete & Finish Things?

Imagine for a moment that you're a gardener about to plant some beautiful flowers. You want them to grow and look wonderful when they blossom and for them to be an amazing sight to behold.

Well... would you plant those seeds where there are lots of weeds and overgrown shrubs?

You already know the answer. You also know that things which remain "incomplete" grow too. In fact, they grow quite rapidly in your Mind Garden... and just like those weeds and overgrown shrubs, the things that remain incomplete can soon take over (completely!).

It's time to start clearing out the weeds and preparing the soil of your Mind Garden, so you can start to put the beautiful new seeds in (the principles that "Think & Grow Rich" offers) and allow them to start taking root and flourish!

The Benefits Of Completion

When you begin to complete the outstanding tasks, what you'll notice is that lots of things will happen:

  • you will feel more positive and productive.
  • you will let go of fear and overwhelm.
  • you will feel like you are now back in control.
  • you will start to see new opportunities.
  • you will be able to see clearly what needs attending to.
  • you will become more decisive when there's fewer things to mentally attend to.
  • you will feel like you are more confident.
  • you will smile more.
  • you will become more attractive to the opposite sex...

...okay, so maybe I made that last one up (although there may be an element of truth in it, if you consider that you're now appearing more confident and self-assured!).  

My Recent Experience Of Completion

Regular readers will know that I like to tell a story. Usually, long stories... Here's the one for today!

As you may or may not know, I happen to have my own product - it's a WordPress plugin called FAQ-Tastic that helps to create FAQs (frequently asked questions) on a site very quickly. It's seems to be quite popular. There's a free version and I also have a "Pro" version that people purchase.

Now, I don't really market my product and haven't really done anything with it. Admittedly, it could probably make more money than it does. Up until recently, the amount I made from sales of the "Pro" version only covered the ongoing costs of my web hosting, shopping cart and auto-responder emails. I was lucky if, each month, I made any significant profit from it. There was also the cost of "time" in terms of site and plugin maintenance (which I usually didn't factor in).

So, in keeping with this email's theme of "completion", I made the difficult decision to stop offering the Pro version of the product. It was taking up a lot of my time and I wasn't really being "rewarded" for my efforts. It was time to call it a day.

You can imagine how worried I was. I had the difficult task of emailing a couple of thousand users to tell them of my decision. But, sometimes,you just have to do difficult things in order to move forward.

As usual (you know my style) - I wrote another one of my *extremely* long emails apologising for what I was about to do and letting people know that the "pro" version would no longer be offered.

Without thinking, I offered anyone who had always wanted to purchase the Pro version a significant discount as it would be their last opportunity to do so. They wouldn't get support though - which is why I offered the major discount and the offer would only be on for a few days.

What happened next left me speechless...

After sending out the email, I was flooded with replies. There were a great deal of well-wishers who had been using the plugin and were sorry to see it go. Among those emails, I received numerous offers to buy the plugin from me - I hadn't expected that. I also received a lot of emails offering me advice on how to best market the plugin to a wider audience. There were people who offered their services and wondered if they could partner with me on the project - just to help keep it alive... and not only that, I did my best month's sales even with the 40% discount offered.

(For the Internet Marketer's among you - what I've inadvertently done is to create a "Product Un-launch Formula"! If you're a "course junkie" - I'll package it for you if you like and show you what I did... I'm kidding).

Now - this is what can happen when you put your mind to "completing" things. My intention is still to be closing on the project as it's more about my "time" rather than anything else. There are people who want to help me re-launch it and, at some point in future, I probably will now that I've seen how much interest has been generated. It has created "options".

The main reason why I was finishing up on the project was mainly so that I could devote more time to my new website. If you've not seen it - it's the sister site to "" called "Think and Act Rich". I'm spending a lot more time over there these days and will be focusing my attention on creating more free training to help people out.

Yes, free training - you just need to register as a site member (see below).

Your Action For The Weekend

Okay, so as regular readers know - I'm of the mindset that "Think & Grow Rich" is more than just about "thinking". In order for success to be achieved, you really, really, *really*, need to take action! I can't emphasise that enough!   What I'd like you to do is:

  1. make your list of outstanding things that you know need to be done.
  2. pick just 1 thing from the list.
  3. do that 1 thing.

Now, I know that a lot of people might feel overwhelmed when they write out their list. What I suggest you do if you're feeling overwhelmed is "cover the list with a piece of paper" as you write them, so you can only see the last item. Use bullet points - forget numbering them, that will only add to your overwhelm. Bullets are much nicer and will remove "context" from your mind. You'll just think that you have a list of stuff to do instead of "1347 items!". It's just a way of fooling your conscious and unconscious mind. When it comes to picking something - close your eyes and randomly swirl your finger about then point to one.

If you're the type of person who tends to get bored doing something - try and do it quickly. Whatever it is, do it differently to how you've done it before. The real trick to this is to "break out of your normal pattern".

If the thing you need to complete is too big (or isn't the right time), then just pick something else. Something small and manageable. The aim here is to "finish" something - so keep that in the back of your mind.

So, this weekend, just do 1 thing. Whether it's fixing a squeaky door that you've been meaning to do. Or finish reading a book that you started but didn't finish off. Or paying a bill that's outstanding but you keep putting off.

If you really want to push yourself, see how many things you can do. It doesn't matter if they're tiny - really just feel good about doing them and getting them out of the way. You will be rewarded by a new clarity of perception when you're done! So feel good about that!  

Before I "Finish"

I hope you find this email useful. If it does and has helped you - why not send it to a friend.   Also, why not check out my new "Think & Act Rich" website? I've still got lots to do on it although, here are a few updates about the new site:

  • there was a browser issue for some people when they tried to view my first podcast and recent blog post about the new free narrated version of "Think & Grow Rich". I have now fixed this problem. Please try again and let me know if it's still happening! Feedback is always greatly appreciated, in my world.
  • John Michaels has now completed 11 chapters (and the Preface) of his narration of "Think & Grow Rich". Check out the sample mp3 and my podcast here:
    Free Think and Grow Rich MP3s

    Comments on this page are open - please let us know what you think of the narration.

Have a really lovely and great weekend. I wish you every success with taking actions! Good luck with it - let me know how you get on, on the website! (I'll post this up as a blog post soon!).



PS: Send me your feedback and let me know if this has been useful, or if there's anything else you'd like me to cover on the website...

Shameless Plug: Want to Register for this site? It's competely FREE.


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So, there you have it. Go and get some action and finish off this weekend. Leave me some feedback and tell me all about how you got on with it. Did it work for you and how do you feel now?

Comments are open below. Spam will not be tolerated.

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3 Comments on “The Power Of Completion”

  1. Earl says:

    I like your material, keep it coming. However, I wanted to make one comment that I have observed over time. I have done many sessions where I have thought of what I would like to happen and I found myself taking the necessary action as if I was on auto pilot. So I believe if you think it, it brings you to the action part.

    • Zain says:

      Hi Earl,

      Thanks for the comment - that's a great observation and very useful for people to know. Sometimes, it's actually "starting" that a lot of people have problems with!

      A powerful technique to help overcome the problem with "starting" and to begin going "auto-pilot" is to visualise already completing what you needed to do.

      Simply imagine a point in the future, when the action is already "done". Take a few moments to imagine how great it feels having completed the task and it will help you to make a start. If you've fooled your mind into thinking that it's already done then you easily overcome the fear of starting!

      If you still have problems with "starting" then, think back to a time when you did something similar and run through what you did. You'll find that running through a what you did before, makes what needs to be done next seem much easier (as you've remembered how easy it really is!). Does that make sense?

  2. Stjepan Cickaji says:

    I absolutely agree on finishing things, I've procrastinated too much until now, and I'm going to tackle every bullet, one at a time.

    Thank you for this overview and these instructions, as I think that they are a good start for anyone: tying loose ends.

    Also, motivation for stopping the procrastination habit is to see where it got you so far. Really, when you look back, most of the time the time you get when you delay something you don't even fill it with anything useful.

    I also think that rewarding yourself for everything you don't put off is a good start, whereby later you reward yourself for evey second, third etc. thing you do right away even though you were able to put it off.

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